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Service sector is most emerging and fast growing business in the world and it is very competetive. So most of the service providers are spending time & skills to develop and run the business successfully to prove their potential in the market. In this competitive world, Obviously they need some professionals & experts to take care of other related statutory obligations on time to time.

eTaxMentor is here with a decade of experience in related services and help you out with statutory compliance. We will ease you from burden of thinking about those obligations like payments and filings.

As per Service Tax Rules, 1994, every service provider of a taxable service is required to register (Any taxable service provider liable to pay service tax should applly for registration within 30 days from the date on which the service tax on particular service comes into effect or within 30 days from the commencement of the business.) with the Central Excise department and impose service tax when the aggregate value of services provided exceeds Rs 10 lacks of threshold.

It is mandatory for every assessee is required to file half yearly service tax return in form ST-3. Assessee who has opted for provisional payment of service tax, is required to file the service tax return in form ST-3A. For the purpose of filing half yearly returns, the period would be from April to September and October to March every year.

What we do

Service Tax is one of the services which we provide. Under this segment we will be takeing care of your monthly payments and half yearly filings. Just we need your cooperation to provide required information whenever need and rest of the things we will take care. The process of converting the service tax information for various payments into an electronic form and filling of return in a specified format as per income tax department. Service tax returns are prepared online through our webportal in various forms based on requirement.

eTaxMentor provids the following services under Service Tax segment.
  • Registration (Single premises/Centralized/Input service distributer).
  • Monthly/Quarterly payments.
  • Computation of service tax liability.
  • Preparation and filling of Half yearly service tax returns on or before due date.
  • Rebate, Refund & Audit services.
  • Representing at department for Notices/Litigations.

Our service is efficient for all kind of entities like Chartered Accountants, Tax Consultants, Professionals & business. In eTaxMentor you can prepare service tax returns for multiple business entities. We provide with monthly/quarterly challan(GAR-7), Half yearly return reports. eTaxMentor takes care of all computations of service tax liability along with education cess and higher education cess and Interest on delayed payments.

The following reports can be generated just for instance.
  • The software will generate all forms regularly used for the purpose of filing service tax returns.
  • Service Tax returns/challans can be printed and/or emailed to the respective customers.

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