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“We want to remind you how important it is to file your tax returns since tax filing season has just begun! Due date for filing ITR is 31st July 2023. eTaxMentor welcomes all users & returning users for availing our Tax Advisory and Tax Filing services. We are serving clients since 2009 for accurate and timely filing tax returns so that you may maximise your tax situation and ensure that you are in line with the law”

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We’ve created a simple online form so that you can submit your checklist in a way that’s more convenient for you. This checklist is a communication between you and our processing team. Please submit all the Tax proofs or documents along with this checklist.

Dear Tax filers, we are happy to serve you for your tax filing Services. Please download the checklist from step 1 and upload the filled checklist in step 5.

Step 1

Please download the checklist

Step 2

If you have more than one Form 16, upload all Form 16s

Step 3

If you have ESOP's, RSU's and other Stock options, upload all the documents

Step 4

If you are a Stock trader, Crypto trader upload all the documents

Step 5

Review, reconcile and upload all the details here

Upon submission of the above details, a copy will be sent to the email ID shared.

Our processing team will call after review of the documents for any missing information. You will get emails from “taxfiling@etaxmentor.com”. We are using KarbonHQ, a collaborative team for tax filing. You will get notification from Karbon. Our filing fees will be based on the email correspondence from your company and based on the works associated.

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