We make tax filing simple and ITR compliant with best tax planning for salaried employees

eTaxMentor Team with qualified tax experts offers to Salaried employees, Consultants, WFH professionals ITR filing services for their global incomes, RSUs, ESOP’s, Crypto Trading along with regular incomes.

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eTaxMentor is a one-stop solution for all your tax needs.

eTaxMentor decades of experience in Individual Income Tax Returns will help the Tax filers to be on the right side of the law (without getting any unwarranted notices). Salaried Professionals can maximize their Refunds by trading off between Old Vs New Tax regimes. Our expert advisory on unique situations such as Foreign stock options, Crypto trade, Estate & Property incomes will give breathing to the busy managers in their Tax Filings.


You will get expert guidance and personalized tax filing assistance with eTaxMentor

Income Tax Return

eTaxMentor helps you prepare and file your ITR accurately, ensuring that all the necessary details are included, and you don’t miss out on any deductions or exemptions you are eligible for. Consult eTaxMentor if there are multiple Form 16’s and multiple sources of income.

Financial Planning

Our experts help you in structuring wealth and income goals, by suggesting best investment options based on your family needs, Kids education, holiday and retirement plans, and guide you to plan liquidity, leverage and contingencies created during loss of fixed incomes.

Tax Compliance

eTaxMentor will ensure your tax compliance by applying relevant income tax laws and by reconciling your form 26 AS, AIS (Annual Information Statement), assist in advance tax payments and timely filing of ITR, to avoid any penalties and tax notices.

Income Tax Notice Assistance

If you have received any tax notice for mismatch of incomes, cash deposits, related to property purchases etc., eTaxMentor will support you to draft replies under faceless assessments and represent your case in Scrutinies, Appeals and give best tax advice.

Tax Consultant

Every individual wants to grow by making smart investments. However, we don’t get good exits all the time. eTaxMentor provides expert advice on various tax-related matters, investment decisions and acts as your Trusted Advisor and helps in your capital protection.

ITR Advisory

Over the years we observed that high salaried income individuals do not have time for ITR filings or miss out some disclosures. eTaxMentor provides advisory services on ITR related matters, disclosing foreign assets, preparing their
personal balance sheet.

Applicable ITR for Salaried Employees and Consultants for Financial Year 2022-23

For Resident Individuals having Income up to Rs. 50 lakhs and incomes are from

  1. Salary (Form 16’s)
  2. One House Property.
  3. Other Income And Agriculture Income up to Rs.5000

For Individuals having Income more than Rs.50 lakhs and not having Income from a Business or profession. Directors of a company, Crypto as capital gains and individuals with foreign
income have to file ITR 2.

For Individuals having Income more than Rs.50 lakhs and having Income from a Business or profession, all partners for their income from a partnership firm, Crypto traders (Business) have to opt for ITR 3.

Freelancers, Consultants having Income up to Rs.50 lakhs and opting for Presumptive income (50% deductions from the income) and having other sources have to file ITR 4.

Steps to file ITR for Individuals

Step 1

Login & Book an appointment with eTaxMentor

Step 2

Disclose all income, savings, trading details in the checklist.

Step 3

eTaxMentor team will review inputs with your Form 26AS & AIS

Step 4

Draft Tax Computation will be shared for your review

Step 5

We will file your ITR & e-verify your ITR

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is required to file an income tax return?

Any individual whose total income during the financial year exceeds the minimum exemption limit as specified by the income tax department is required to file an income tax return.

Is it mandatory to e-verify the ITR after filling it online?

Yes, it is mandatory to e-verify the income tax return
within 120 days of online ITR filing, either through Aadhaar OTP or net banking.

Should I disclose my foreign incomes and assets?

Yes, it is mandatory for a Resident individual to
disclose all foreign bank balances and foreign assets while filing ITR. Failure to disclose, attract penalties. Contact eTaxMentor for all tax support services.

What happens if I miss the date of filing my ITR?

If an individual misses the deadline for filing an ITR, they can still file a belated return by 31st December 2023 for the assessment year 2023-24 (FY 2022-23), but they may be subject to penalties and interest.

What documents are required to file an income tax return?

The documents required to file an income tax return include
PAN card, Form 16 (if salaried), Form 26AS (tax credit statement), bank statements, investment proofs, Donations, Trading statements, and other relevant documents to support
income and deductions claimed.

Can I revise my income tac return after filing it?

Yes, individuals can revise their ITR within a specified time limit if they discover any errors or omissions in the original return filed. It is advised to file at one go, as more revisions attract tax scrutinies!

Are you tired of complicated tax forms and require tax assistance or puzzled with tax jargon?

Look no further! Our professional tax filing team is here to help you to navigate the complex world of taxes, ensuring you maximize your savings while remaining fully compliant with the Indian tax law. With our expert guidance, You can take the stress out of tax season and make the most of your hard earned money.

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