Say goodbye to tedious tax filing.

We are experts on unique situations such as foreign income, property income, RSUs, and stock options.

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We proudly serve employees of leading tech companies, expats, and company CEOs.

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Income tax e-filing and tax consulting

We help you reduce your taxes by factoring in all the tax credits and exclusions and maximize your refund.

Family trusts and HUFs

A totally legit way to protect your family’s assets and estate planning for a happy family.

Financial planning

We help you make better long-term decisions on things like children’s education, savings, and investments to help you plan for a happy retirement.

Tax advisory for NRIs and expats

You have income and assets in multiple countries. We know how to maximize your tax savings.

Faceless assessments

We make notices from the IT department go away. Poof! It’s gone!


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